Studio Production Continues on ET Awareness Video

Yesterday, I spent several hours editing in the Mile Deep Films studio with director/producer Tony Ladesich, who is producing the ET Awareness video for the IETF.

The video features interviews with several individuals with ET from Chicago and greater Kansas City, Dr. Arif Dalvi (left), Director of the Movement Disorder Center, North Shore University Health Systems, and Cindy Zadikoff (below), Assistant Professor of Neurology, Northwestern University, Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorder Center.

The participants with ET explain how it has affected their life, how they have learned to adapt and cope, and why raising awareness is so important.

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September 2012 ET Report From Washington DC

Tom Bruderle, the Washington, D.C. liaison for the International Essential Tremor Foundation, files his monthly reports about his efforts to increase ET awareness and support for ET-related legislation in Congress.

In his September report, he writes, “Through the efforts of the IETF, the number of cosponsors of the┬áNational Neurological Diseases Surveillance System Act of 2011 (HR 2595) has climbed to 87, up from 84 last month.”

This bipartisan bill would require federal agencies funding neurological studies to share their findings. Sharing these findings would further research among neurology studies of different conditions including ET.

To read Bruderlie’s full report for September 2012 and prior months, visit

For full language of the legislation, visit


Welcome to the IETF’s New Tremor Talk Blog

The IETF is excited to debut our new blog which will be a companion site to the main website,

IETF office staff will post brief entries, links to news of note, photos, and other conversation pieces on this site to help keep you informed of the latest happenings at and elsewhere.

Bear with us as this blog develops into a direct way to interact with you, be it someone with ET, friends and loved ones, or a health care professional.

The blog is yet another way for the IETF to be “Your Voice for Essential Tremor.”