A confession

Well, it’s time for me to confess. For weeks, the IETF staff has continued to encourage me to write something for the blog. In response, I would tell them I didn’t have time or I would do it after I completed a specific project. But in reality, I continued to pursue what was familiar and what I was comfortable doing.

But that just hasn’t been the truth. Let me tell you why. I am new to this whole blogging thing. I am uncomfortable posting things online – who would want to read anything I had to say or anything I observed or what I was doing as executive director of this nonprofit? Everyone had their own lives and busy schedules and unless I had some earth shattering news to impart, there was no need for me to post anything. Besides, the IETF staff were so much more better at this – so much smarter and they liked doing it!

So here I am, a blog neophyte. Ashamed to admit it – but true! So I will begin my journey by posting weekly and sharing my ET world and experiences with you. Please don’t judge too harshly – remember the learning curve!

I will do my best and actually, I am sure you, the readers, will more than likely encourage me. So I have nothing to fear but the fear I impose upon myself. So here I go and I invite you to travel with me along this yellow brick road – who knows, I might just get good at this!

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