Mindfulness & ET

When medical or surgical therapy has not controlled all of the symptoms of essential tremor, some people have found that focused breathing and meditation are effective practices for calming the mind and body. In the cover story of our most recent Tremor Talk magazine, Dr. Monique Giroux writes that employing such mindfulness strategies can reduce the negative impact of stress and sharpen the mind’s potential for personal healing.

Dr. Giroux is co-founder of the Movement and Neuroperformance Center of Colorado in Englewood, Colo., and medical director of movement disorders for Swedish Medical Center.

“It is a way to stay in the present moment, engaging in life and living life as fully as you can,” she says. “Mindfulness can be a helpful tool to enhance the effect of medicine and surgery on tremor control. The next time your tremor feels ‘out of control,’ take a moment to reflect, and know that you have control in how you respond.”

Is mindfulness part of your regimen to regulate ET’s impact on your life? What has your personal experience been? Please share: inquiring minds want to know!

1 thought on “Mindfulness & ET

  1. Only recently ET became part of my life.Since I take so much medicine on various deceases already I looked for other treatments. Almost immediately a mindfulness oriented approach came to my mind. I exercised mindfulness before so I could start almost instantaneously..
    So far I manage to calm down a very light tremor when the corresponding limb (e.g. the hand) is active. A better result is achieved when the limb is not active but shaking. (I have as well some experience in “Autogenes Training” which seems to work as well – although in its principles quite different form mindfulness.).

    Will be glad to hear about your experience

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