Reader’s Voice: A Letter about Tremor Talk Fall/Winter 2012

John Wyrick, widow of Elnora Wyrick who had essential tremor, emailed the IETF in response to a tribute to his wife in the Fall/Winter 2012 issue of Tremor Talk Magazine.

John writes:

Dear Pete,

Thank you for the web post earlier and the wonderful tribute you included in the Fall / Winter Tremor Talk. You did a great job and I know Elnora would be humbled and also pleased with your work and the fact that her story will be shared with others. I want to personally thank you for I feel that if she  remains in our thoughts and hearts she will never truly be gone.

She copied information about ET and gave it to doctors and emergency responders and emergency room staff. She was a true ?do-er? and took action in every aspect of her life.

We thank you and appreciate your work. Please forward this to [IETF Executive Director] Catherine Rice with my sincere thanks to her.

John Wyrick

The Fall/Winter 2012 issue of Tremor Talk Magazine is available to members of the IETF. This issue was mailed recently to current members. To become a member, visit the IETF and sign up online or call 888.387.3667.

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