Studio Production Continues on ET Awareness Video

Yesterday, I spent several hours editing in the Mile Deep Films studio with director/producer Tony Ladesich, who is producing the ET Awareness video for the IETF.

The video features interviews with several individuals with ET from Chicago and greater Kansas City, Dr. Arif Dalvi (left), Director of the Movement Disorder Center, North Shore University Health Systems, and Cindy Zadikoff (below), Assistant Professor of Neurology, Northwestern University, Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorder Center.

The participants with ET explain how it has affected their life, how they have learned to adapt and cope, and why raising awareness is so important.

During shooting on set in summer 2012, Ladesich also captured video of people demonstrating daily activities, such as holding a full glass of water and applying makeup, where essential tremor affects the task.

Editing the original video sequences into a brief but powerful overview of ET is an exciting challenge. There’s so much to say about the condition.

Below are two still images from the video shoot on set. The video portrays the human side of ET, how it impacts people physically, emotionally, and socially, and focuses on raising public awareness of the neurological condition.

I’m excited to share the final video after production is complete in the next few weeks. The video is in final production and will be released on the IETF’s YouTube channel in October. In the meantime, take a look behind-the-scenes at production in the studio and on location earlier this year.


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